A New Year’s party like no other is how New Year in Sydney is often described. Firework displays costing millions of pounds light up the harbour with thousands of people enjoying the spectacle.

Welcome the new year with a bang, the Australian way!

Whilst the welcoming of the New Year is greeted by extravagant parties all over the world, the New Years Eve Party in Sydney would certainly take some beating. Due to the fact that Australia is one of the first countries to reach the magical hour, pictures of the Sydney celebrations are often viewed on TV screens everywhere as a taste of things to come, but actually being there and experiencing what Sydney has to offer is something else entirely.

According to the mayor of Sydney, their aim is to make every New Year Extravaganza better than the last and few people would argue that unbelievably, they seem to achieve that goal every year. An astonishing four million pounds is spent on fireworks and in this day and age when there seems to be firework displays all of the time, this display still causes jaws to drop open in absolute amazement as it really is quite breath taking.

With an estimated one and a half million people crowded around Sydney Harbour to witness the firework display, you can probably imagine how busy it is so if it is your intention to stay in a hotel in Sydney for the festivities it is important to book ahead. It may surprise you to know that some of the Sydney hotels offer quite reasonable rates, even at this time of the year. Travelodge and hostels are always worth checking out as the rooms are both clean and comfortable. Hopefully though, you will be enjoying the Sydney New Year experience so much that the last thing that you will want to be doing is spending time in the room.

Don’t forget that it is in fact summer in Sydney so although you might be used to wrapping up warm when venturing out for New Years Eve, here it really couldn’t be more different so try and imagine toasting the new year in the open air with a glass of champagne and in your shirt sleeves, what an experience!

A great place to view the fireworks is from Darling Harbour but as many people will also have the same idea it is important to arrive there as early as possible. Mid afternoon would be about right to get a brilliant view but as the weather is so lovely that won’t be a problem, take a picnic with you and in Australia, even the wait becomes part of the party and you don’t feel inconvenienced one little bit.

When the fireworks are over there is still partying to enjoy and where better than the short walk from Darling Harbour to China Town. There is still lots going on around the Harbour but variety is the spice of life and you will find the unique atmosphere in China Town offers a lot to the late night reveller.

New Years Eve in Sydney is one of those ‘Bucket List’ kind of events that simply must be experienced; a few weeks on the Australian beaches at this time of the year would also be a very firm recommendation if you can find the time, and money to spare!


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