Trago Mills – much more than a shopping centre!

Ask anyone who lives in the South West where they go for a bargain and they will undoubtedly tell you to pay a visit to Trago Mills, but if you think a visit to Trago only involves shopping you are in for a very big surprise.

There is a Trago Mills in Liskeard and Falmouth in Cornwall and another one just outside Newton Abbot in South Devon, and it is the one in South Devon that I am going to talk about today, even though they are all very similar.

This Trago Mills is set in over 100 acres of rolling South Devon countryside and as soon as you arrive you will realise that Trago has been transformed from what was once a ‘pile em high’ shopping experience into a fun family day out. You must be aware though that if you visit on a weekend or bank holiday the place is absolutely choc a block, so a week day or earlier in the morning is the recommended time to visit if you don’t want to be amongst the crowds.

Another little tip would be that if it is a nice day, why not take a picnic. It is not as though the many food outlets at Trago Mills are overly expensive but there is a lovely picnic area where you can take an hour or so out, whilst the children are kept amused by the numerous attractions that are aimed at them.

Talking of attractions, there are various fair ground type rides for people of all ages, go-karts, mini diggers and what is commonly regarded as one of the finest model railways in the UK. There are several independent retail outlets scattered about the place offering everything from jewellery to wooden chalets but the main attraction of Trago Mills for people from throughout the South West is the fantastic bargains which are available in the main shopping complex.

Everything from food to carpets and from books to shoes are available, with some drastic price reductions on many brand names. The staff are extremely helpful and I have always found that the best way to tackle the numerous departments is just to take your time. If you have arrived at Trago by car and you make a purchase which is a little on the heavy side, just ask one of the staff to take it away for you and there is an area where you can pick these items up on your way out, and where they can be easily loaded into your car, with help available if required.

For the garden lover there is also a fantastic garden centre within the confines of Trago Mills, a superb array of garden furniture, plants, greenhouses, etc will keep anyone with green fingers especially happy and as is the norm here, at prices which are very hard to beat.

It is often said that when you are visiting a new area and are looking for recommendations regarding where to eat or what to do, ask the locals. In the case of Trago Mills, every man and his dog will tell you that this is where you just have to visit, whether it is for some remarkable bargains or just a great day out.


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