The New York Marathon, not just an excuse to experience the city that never sleeps

Even for people who don’t have much of an interest in running or watching a marathon, the New York Marathon is most definitely a sight to behold and with a little forward planning an enjoyable experience can be had by all.

It is thought that more than two million people line the route of the New York Marathon as the runners compete over the five boroughs of the city so it stands to sense that those who plan ahead will have a far more enjoyable experience than those who just turn up on the day.

Due to the sheer scale of the race it is not really possible to view the proceeding from lots of different locations, if you actually know someone who is involved then find out what time they are scheduled to start and what they are wearing and then it is really just a case of waiting and hoping for the best. Many of the vantage points are five people or more deep but there are several spots around the marathon course which are not as busy and as well as watching the runners you will also be able to admire the famous New York scenery.

The 20 mile point of the race is around 138th Street which for those of you who are not familiar with New York is the Bronx. There are lots of places to cheer the runners on and as they are hitting what is known as ‘The Wall’ at this point, ie their stamina is really being tested, all of the runners will greatly appreciate the shouts of encouragement that come from the crowd.

As for viewing positions that are really crowded and in which a position needs to be acquired really early in the day are 5th Avenue and Central park. Both of these points are towards the end of the race so to say it is all very hectic would have to be something of an under statement.

It goes without saying that you should take the precaution of looking at the weather forecast before you prepare for the day. Due to the time of the year that the New York marathon takes place the weather could literally be anything, it has been known to be a gloriously warm day but perhaps more important for the runners, it is also often wet and overcast.

As far as eating out on the day of the marathon goes, it does get really busy, especially after the race has finished with many of the runners, family and friends looking to celebrate the achievement of achieving a massive goal. Therefore booking a restaurant table beforehand is definitely the order of the day and as for hotel rooms in New York, they are often booked nearly a year in advance and just about every hotel within the vicinity of the starting line are like gold dust, especially for the runners, many of whom have arrived for the marathon from out of town and don’t want to be trekking across the city before the marathon starts.


  1. Jim Williams says

    I would love to go to the New York City Marathon. It’s such a historic run and one of those bucket list activities that I think most dedicated runners would consider to be their “Mecca”.

    One of the highlights this year I’m sure will be watching Pamela Anderson who will be running for charity. From what I hear, she hasn’t started training yet. Not training for a marathon is a sure fire way to set your body up for a catastrophic failure.


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