The Cancun Carnival, celebrate with the locals

It would be fair to say that most visitors to Cancun don’t venture far away from their hotel or the main stretch of beach which is so popular with the tourists but if you find yourself in Cancun around mid February you really should go a little further afield and sample the delights of the Cancun carnival which is held every year around the area of the town centre.

The Cancun Carnival begins the week before Ash Wednesday and has often been described as the Mexican version of the Mardi Gras. Whilst that may be a little bit of an exaggeration the Cancun Carnival is definitely a spectacle to behold and you would be missing out big time if you decided not to investigate the delights that this carnival has to offer.

It really is aimed at the local community as opposed to being staged just for the tourists but that just goes to make it an even better spectacle and something to get involved with. Some carnivals around the world fall into the trap of being slightly on the false side with the aim of making money from tourists but that accusation certainly doesn’t apply to this carnival as it is something that the locals look forward to for a very long time and obviously put a great deal of effort into.

Many people who are attending the Cancun Carnival for the first time are surprised by how small and intimate the whole affair is but again, that is not a negative point but one that means this Carnival is probably even more enjoyable than you would have imagined.

Just by looking at the marchers and the dancers, never mind the floats, it is plainly obvious to realise how much work has gone into it all and how much it all means to the people who are taking part. Families with young children would be well advised to take some carrier bags with them to the Cancun carnival to catch the general goodies which are thrown from the floats, it should not be under estimated how these can mount up and telling children that they should leave them does usually not go down very well at all.

The cuisine on offer from the food stalls is something to behold and many would argue that there is no better way of sampling the local cuisine, you should be wary though in that some of the stalls may not have health and safety rules high on the agenda so it is best to use your own judgement regarding which food stalls you choose to do business with.

All in all though, the Cancun Carnival is something that must be experienced if you find yourself in that neck of the woods during February and will give a real taste of the kind of life that the locals live and show a side of Cancun that most certainly won’t be experienced in the usual Cancun hotels and tourist attractions.


  1. efpierce says

    I have been to Cancun so many times that I actually have a couple of regular restaurant servers, a bartender and a docksman that all know me by name and know my itinerary better than I do. I have never been to the Cancun Carnival though, what are the dates of this and I assume it’s every year?

  2. Stefanie HH says

    The vibrant colors and the food are reason enough to get out of your hotels and enjoy this classic mainstay in the community. No better place than the Cancun Carnival. Jajajaja!


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