The Brussels Summer Festival – An event not to be missed!

The Brussels Summer Festival or the BSM as it is more commonly known is a ten day event held every August in Brussels which really does offer something for everyone, and if you are fortunate enough to be able to attend the full ten days, then lucky you because it will be ten days that you most definitely won’t forget in a hurry.

The festival comprises of so much, everything from live music, museums, the urban village, you name it and the Brussels Summer Festival has it in spades, so much so that for many people it is becoming the must attend festival of the year.

So, let’s start with the museums. The Mont des Arts museums in Belgium play a pivotal role in the festival in that as well as having access to these museums, festival goers will also be able to enjoy the fantastic exhibitions that the museums have laid on and to say that they are absolutely fascinating would have to go down as the under statement of the year. On the subject of museums, a mention must be made of the Coudenberg which is an underground archaeological site which was once the palace of Charles V and in which a couple of hours can be spent in complete awe of the remains and the artefacts that are on display.

When it comes to finding time to relax between the many events that are going on around the festival, where could be better than the urban village. The organisers go to great lengths to ensure that the village is a mix of cultures, with craft stalls intermingled between bars and terraces, it is about as chilled out as it is possible to get and is an ideal place to sit back and recharge the batteries in time for the evenings live music offerings.

When it comes to the live music at the Brussels Summer Festival there is an electric mixture which will suit all tastes, from well known artists to acts that you have probably never heard of, they all come together to offer a unique experience which many visitors say is the very thing that makes the BSM so very special indeed.

When it comes to the admission prices for the festival, it is worth booking a pre-sale pass from the BSF website, this gives admission to all areas which is remarkable value for money. It is also worth mentioning that even though the festival is extremely popular, it is still possible to be able to book a table at the many popular restaurants and even stay at hotels in the area but as far as the best hotel rooms go, booking as early as possible will ensure that it is a case of being safe rather than sorry.

A mention must be made of the BIP (Brussels Info Place) for anyone who is into the live music scene. Situated in the centre of the Mont des Arts area, the venue welcomes everyone from 9pm each evening during the festival where they will be able to enjoy after gig parties as well as live music sets.


  1. Ang says

    I don’t know much about Belgium and didn’t have much interest in traveling there until reading this. I enjoy music festivals and museums. And with a festival comes good food. 🙂

    Any particular museums you recommend?

  2. Dale says

    The music, museums and the FOOD here are prime. It’s really a traveler’s dream to come out to something like this among their plans to Belgium. Just don’t forget a little chocolate to snack on!

  3. efpierce says

    This would be a great experience for me and my family. We love Europe and usually stay long enough to take in some of the local festivals while we are there. It makes us feel more at home and we often refer to certain areas of Western Europe as our home away from home. I know that this is a summer festival, but when does it officially start?


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