Dance the night away at the Buenos Aires World Tango Festival

Even if you are someone who doesn’t have the slightest interest in dancing, the World Tango Festival which is held every year in Buenos Aires is something that should not be missed because you most definitely won’t have experienced anything quite like this before.

The world Tango Festival begins around the middle of August each year and lasts for 18 days. With nearly half a million visitors from all over the world in attendance it is not difficult to get into the tango mood and it would not be an exaggeration to say that you can actually feel the passion in the air in Buenos Aries on a normal visit, so just imagine what it is like during the festival.

What really stands out is that the people taking part are not all your typical dancers, Tango enthusiasts of all sizes and all ages are totally engulfed with the passion that goes hand in hand with this form of dancing and for the visitors who are there to watch, well, let’s just say that it is not difficult to get swept away by it all.

The Buenos Aires World Tango Festival actually comprises of two events, the first one being La Festival which is a celebration of shows, tango classes and film screenings which lasts for nine days. It could be said that this gets everyone in the mood for the main event but it is quite an event in itself. If you have ever fancied learning the tango then you won’t really come across a better opportunity to do so here. There are tango classes everywhere you look and the taster sessions that are available will give anyone a good idea if it is something that they would like to become more involved with.

The main event, the Mundial de Tango, is actually the world tango championship and as you would probably expect, the best dancers in the world are in attendance and whilst it is easy to talk about the passion that this dance evokes in people, seeing it at first hand by the experts really is something else entirely.

For may visitors, one of the highlights of the festival would have to be the open air milonga in which thousands of tangueros grace the streets of down town Buenos Aires and it should be noted that participation in this open air milonga is not only free of charge but also open to people of all abilities. It would seem to be that the very fact that people would like to join in is of more importance than being a gifted tango dancer to the organisers, so if you would like to get involved then why not!

The Argentinians consider Tango to be so much more than a dance. To them it is all about passion and love, so to experience this in the form of the World Tango Festival is an experience that could very well take you by surprise so be warned, those that think they will just be viewing a normal dancing competition really couldn’t be more wrong!


  1. Ang says

    This is now added to my list! I used to teach ballroom dance and the Tango is one of my favorite dances. I didn’t know about this festival. I think I would enjoy 18 days in Argentina. What are some other things to do in the area during this time?

  2. Jorge says

    Better grab my dancing shoes. I’m ready for the next Dancing With the Stars! I hear there is a lot of English spoke in BA too, which makes me feel real good about making the trip come next year. Salud!


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