Boston Harborfest, everything that is great about the USA

The Boston Harborfest takes place every year and incorporates Independence Day on July 4th. Starting at the end of June, the Boston Harborfest celebrates the colonial and maritime aspects of this historic city and whilst it could be said that there are many places where this particular time of the year is celebrated in America, this festival must be considered as being up there with the best of them.

The Boston Harborfest includes events which all of the family can enjoy and the majority of the action can be found in the centre of the city as well as on the waterfront. This particular festival has been taking place for over 30 years and is now widely considered to be the most prominent patriotic festival in America.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that each day of the Harborfest is full of action from early in the morning to late at night and visitors get a real feel of the history of not just Boston but also America in general. Anyone planning to book a restaurant or hotel during the period of the festival would be wise to give themselves plenty of time beforehand as tables and rooms do get booked up very quickly.

For those with young families, Children’s Day will be of particular interest. Usually falling on the second day of Harborfest it is a day of fun and games for children of all ages. Activities include games, music, juggling and various other forms of entertainment and it should be noted that there is no charge for any of this which is a refreshing change in this day and age.

The following day is usually the highly acclaimed Party On The Plaza which begins with the sight of the tall ships sailing into Boston harbour from Deer Island and is followed as the title of the day would suggest, by partying and general merriment which is made even more intense by the fact that Independence Day itself only a few days away.

A mention must be made of the day during the festival which is known as Chowderfest. This is where the best eateries in town compete with their Chowder offerings and for a small fee the general public can get involved in the tasting sessions. There is a brilliant atmosphere on this day but make sure that you don’t over do it because the last thing you want is to overdose on Chowder and spoil the rest of the celebrations.

As you would probably expect, Independence Day itself is all action from the very first thing on the Fourth to the early hours of the following day. Starting with the flag raising ceremony and parade and ending with a fireworks extravaganza, it would be a wise move to pace yourself with the events in between but one thing is for certain and that is, attending the Boston Harborfest as a whole is something that will be remembered for a very long time because everything about it is about as good as it is possible to get.


  1. says

    A travel goal of mine is to go to all 50 US states. This is a good review of the festival; I didn’t know much about it. I think planning trips that coordinate with great festivals like this would be perfect. Any other recommendations on things to do in the area during that time?

  2. Mel B says

    Boston is one of the most electric cities in the U.S. It’s a little on the pricey side, but well worth it. Be sure to slip by Wrigley Field to catch the Red Soxs play. There are a lot of fun museums and carnivals to see. Also, don’t forget to eat some chowder. You are on the coast, after all!

  3. efpierce says

    This is definitely the place to be on the Fourth of July if you are on the East Coast and it sure beats the Jersey Shore! This festival is not for the faint of heart as it does get very crowded and some of the locals get a bit cranky about all of the outsiders filling up their watering holes. The Lower Depths Tap Room is one of the best if you need a break from the heat and the festival.


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