Benidorm is rapidly becoming the stag party capital of Europe and it's not difficult to see why. Cheap alcohol and nonstop sunshine means that it is many people's idea of paradise, and when a popular TV comedy is added to the equation, well, lock up your daughters!

Benidorm – the ideal stag weekend!

It used to be case that when someone celebrated their stag night it would involve a pub crawl around the local pubs followed by a curry and a day in bed, in an attempt to sleep it all off before the big day arrived.

Now it seems that all sorts of exotic locations are incorporated into a stag weekend, but one location in particular which has really taken off in recent years is Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca and in particular, the famous Solana Hotel which is where the TV comedy series is based.

The real name of the Solana is the Hotel Sol Pelicanos-Ocas and the owners must surely be applauded regarding their decision to allow the hotel be used for filming, a very astute business move indeed, but allowing stag parties can’t be something that goes down well with couples and families who are staying in the hotel at the same time.

Now before we go any further it should be made clear that Benidorm is most definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, even though you will often hear of families who have been holidaying in Benidorm for years and absolutely loving it, there is no doubt that it does attract groups of people whose main interest is not experiencing the Spanish culture but instead drinking as much alcohol as they possibly can, hence the appeal to stag parties from all over the UK.

Most of the main tour operators include this hotel in the Benidorm packages that they offer and to be fair, it is quite a pleasant hotel. According to the management, with over 700 rooms there is plenty of space for everyone to holiday alongside each other without any problems so I suppose that they have a point.

For stag and hen weekends though, there is much more to do in Benidorm than you can probably imagine, for a start the glorious weather is more or less guaranteed, so a trip to the Terra Mitica theme park should definitely be on the agenda as it is widely regarded as being the best on the Costa Blanca. If there are a few of you in your party though, don’t pay the single admission price but instead go on the Terra Mitica theme park website and try and get a group booking as you will definitely save some money.

Now when it comes to one of the main attractions of Benidorm for stag nighters, it is not a historiographical building or a beautiful sunset viewed from one of the glorious beaches but instead, an adult performer my the name of ‘Sticky Vicky‘ and even your average stag nighter will have to have an open mind to enjoy the tricks that this woman, who is now well into her sixties, performs to such eager audiences.

To be honest, Sticky Vicky aside, it is not difficult to see why Benidorm and in particular the Hotel Sol Pelicanos-Ocas is proving to be so popular with people who are enjoying a final blow out with their friends before getting married. Benidorm has often been described as the Spanish version of Blackpool, and if the pound continues to gain strength against the Euro, the popularity will even increase as the days of a meal and a bottle of wine for under a tenner could very well be making a return.

If you like the idea of a Stag weekend in Benidorm but the thought of the usual non stop drinking leaves you cold, how about a day spent cruising the Mediterranean with your mates on a chartered catamaran? By embarking on something a little different like this you will see that there is far more to Benidorm than what the masses are used to, and you will also have a Benidorm experience that you will actually remember as opposed to one that is nothing more than a blur!


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