Be loud and proud in San Francisco!

You may not think of the annual San Francisco Gay Pride celebrations as something to attend, especially if you are not gay, but it really is a fun filled event with everyone being made more than welcome.

To give it its proper title, The San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender parade is the largest and most established event of this type in the world. It has taken place in late June for the past 42 years and attracts people from around the world to witness such an amazing array of people and events.

The festival itself takes place over two days and travels along Market Street and spreads around the city from there. There is live entertainment wherever you look with guest celebrity speakers attracting a great deal of attention. There are over 300 stalls that have been set up especially for the event, some of them selling the usual food and crafts that are the norm at festivals around the world but you should be aware that sex toys and products are also openly on show and for sale. Most visitors don’t have a problem with this as they are not shoved into your face, so to speak, but some families with young children might find them slightly on the embarrassing side.

The Civic Center Plaza seems to be the hub of the attractions but there are 12 stages set up to cater for everyone’s musical and entertainment tastes. Over half a million people attend the San Francisco Gay Pride event and to say that it is a noisy affair would have to be the under statement of the year. As the march moves through town the sound of whistles being blown is almost deafening but there is definitely something about it all which is infectious, it is obvious that all of the marchers are having a brilliant time and it is difficult not to cheer along with them.

Many people who attend the San Francisco Gay Pride celebrations and who don’t really have an active interest in the subject matter are amazed at how much they enjoy the whole event, it is a real carnival atmosphere and rather than just looking on from a distance it is surprising how easy it is to become involved and to join in with the fun.

Each year, the San Francisco Gay Pride celebrations are based on a different theme so if you are actually planning to get involved with the march and dressing up for the event it is a good idea to take a look at the official website which will tell you everything that you will need to know.

There is obviously much more to see and do in San Francisco apart from the march so you can just take in as much or as little of the celebrations to suit but one thing is for sure, the sights and sounds that will greet you at the San Francisco Gay Pride festival will stay with you for a very long time afterwards.


  1. NO H8 says

    I’m in love with the West coast and its support for the gay community. Gay marriage is legal in a handful of states. Prop 8. No hate. Equality for all!


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