There's much more to Torbay than palm tree's and a wonderful climate, as anyone who has paid the English Riviera a visit will tell you. A wide variety of restaurants and bars, award winning beaches and stunning tourist attractions, coupled with accommodation to suit every budget and you are presented with a holiday which will be remembered for all of the right reasons, and at a price which will definitely not break the bank!

A holiday to remember on The English Riviera

It would be fair to say that the English Riviera is able to cater to the needs of holidaymakers, whatever their tastes. This beautiful part of South West England is made up of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham with each one of theses beautiful places being unique in their own way.

Torquay, being the more cosmopolitan of the three resorts caters more for the younger holiday maker with a night life which ranges from open air bars to nightclubs to dance the night away.

It could be argued that Paignton is aimed more at the family type of holiday whilst the quaint fishing port of Brixham is favoured by the day trippers and people who really want to experience the hustle and bustle of a working harbour, fish market and all.

The great thing about Torbay though, apart from the micro climate which ensures that long sunny days are the norm, is the fact that each part of Torbay is only a few miles apart so you can easily experience what the English Riviera has to offer, without spending lots of time travelling.

In my experience, one of the best ways to explore the bay is by sea and due to what seems like a price war between the operators of the ferries, it is now possible to travel by boat from Torquay to Brixham for an amazing £1 each way. The trip takes around 30 minutes and it really is just a case of sitting back and relaxing. On leaving Torquay, the ferry carefully manoeuvres past some of the multi million pound yachts which are moored in the harbour and you are literally within touching distance of them, then, within a couple of minutes you are out in the bay with the numerous bars and restaurants which are based on the sea front slowly fading into the distance.

On arrival in Brixham harbour you are immediately greeted by the sight of numerous fishing vessels and before you know it, the delights of Brixham await you. If you are feeling peckish I can highly recommend visiting any of the high quality fish and chip shops which greet you as soon as you get off the ferry, be prepared for fish which is so fresh the taste really would be very hard to beat elsewhere.

Your time in Brixham will pass by like a flash so don’t forget to make a note of what time the ferry returns to Torquay because if you miss the last one you will have to get the bus back and it would be a shame not to experience another half an hour of sheer relaxation with sound of the waves gently accompanying you back to Torquay.

Now we mustn’t forget Paignton which is situated between Torquay and Brixham. If based in Torquay and you don’t mind a walk, a pleasant 45 minutes can be spent walking along the coastline, if not a bus or taxi can do the job.

As you would expect from a family seaside resort, Paignton has lots of amusement arcades along with a pier which is always popular with adults and children alike. A number of family friendly pubs run along the sea front and for the younger children there is a fantastic state of the art play area which thanks to lottery funding is widely regarded as being one of the best of its type in the country.

Everyone is different when it comes to which part of the English Riviera they prefer but the only way to find out for yourself is to pay Torbay a visit, the many beaches are out of this world and when everything else is taken into account you will no doubt come to the conclusion that Torbay just has to be the number one UK holiday destination.


  1. efpierce says

    I can’t think of a more beautiful place to spend a long weekend! We docked our charter there a while back and ate at small restaurant that I can’t remember the name of. It was so quaint and the people were friendlier than anywhere else in the UK.

  2. Shelby Ryan says

    It is definitely beautiful! Thanks for such a great review. I am planning on a trip here this summer and couldn’t be more excited about it. If anyone else has recommendations, I’d love to hear them. 🙂


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