Las Vegas, often called Sin City, is one of America’s most-visited cities. You can visit New York, Paris, Italy and Egypt all within several blocks, eat 24 hours a day, gamble on anything and everything, learn the history of both pinball machines and the mob’s role in the city’s growth and visit a graveyard full of neon signs.

A city to cover all 7 deadly sins

The glittering lights of the city and the buzz of the slots can often be too much temptation for the average traveller and Sin City beckons them with its promise of fortunes and showgirls. While there is a very adult side to Las Vegas, Nevada, it can be very family-friendly, too. Depending on how you look at it and want to spend your time, you can definitely spend all your days gambling and dancing the night away or you can choose to see shows, walk through indoor gardens and enjoy free entertainment.

I’ve been to Las Vegas more times than I can count and The Strip is definitely a happening place. We have been to all the hotels, eaten at many of the buffets, seen numerous shows and done almost every free thing there is to do.

In fact, there are so many free things, you could spend several days only paying for food and your room. A few of the most popular freebies are the Fountains of Bellagio and the Sirens of TI. Each night there are several of each of these shows at the Bellagio and Treasure Island hotels. The Fountains is a wonderful light and water show set to music that you may have seen on movies like Oceans Eleven. The Sirens of TI is a revamped pirate show that features pretty girls and swashbuckling antics.

I am also fond of the lions at MGM. Each day the lions are moved to this enclosure for you to watch as they play, eat and sleep. At certain times you can listen to a trainer talk about the lions, while interacting with them inside the habitat. It’s a free exhibit that you can walk through or view from the outside that also has a gift shop attached.

Another free show that we never miss is the Fall of Atlantis that takes place in the Forum Shops of Caesar’s Palace. Every hour you can watch this fully animatronic show with special lighting effects that tells the tale of the great city of Atlantis. It’s a welcome break from the busy shops and very different from anything you’ve ever experienced in a mall atmosphere.

If you don’t mind spending money on shows, then you might have a hard time choosing between all the great West End quality shows available in Las Vegas. From unconventional magic acts (Penn & Teller, Criss Angel, David Copperfield) to showgirls (Jubilee!, Crazy Horse, Folies Bergère) to big name singers (Celine Dion, Cher, Tom Jones), you are going to find something to please everyone in your travel party. You can choose from theatre, comedy and unconventional acts as well. Do you like Cirque du Soleil? There are at least four different productions going on all the time in Vegas. A personal favourite of mine is Blue Man Group that uses music, comedy and experimental instruments to bring you one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen.

If gambling is what you’re visiting for, then you don’t have to look far. Almost every hotel on The Strip has a casino. You have the option to play a variety of different denomination slots, Texas hold ’em, blackjack, Pai Gow, craps, roulette and probably several other table games you’ve never heard of.

Bet low or sit at a no-limit table where the bets can go as high as you have available to spend. If you enjoy less group-participatory gambling, you can always bet on sports of all kinds in any of the sports book arenas. Choose to sit and watch how your bet goes or spend your time doing something else and come back to see if you won big or not.

You could visit Las Vegas for weeks and still not see everything it has to offer. One thing is for certain: You will never be bored. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, this is truly the city that never sleeps, with things happening at all hours of the day and night. In fact, you may find yourself entering a casino in the afternoon and not stumble out until the wee hours of the next morning. That’s when you know the city has you under its spell.

I have a penchant for games of chance and I love slot machines and blackjack. What are your favourite ways to gamble away your hard-earned money?


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